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Clean Water, Dirty Water: IPC Milepost 2

The IPC Main Programme, developed alongside schools around the world, is at the heart of the IPC.Designed for children aged 5 - 12 years old and split across 3 sections. Milepost 1, Milepost 2 and Milepost 3.

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Publication Date 24/04/2011
ISBN13 / Product Code M2CLE

Detailed Description

Clean Water, Dirty Water. A unit for children aged 8-9.

The theme of this unit is water. You will look at what is meant by 'clean' water and 'dirty' water. Through Geography, ICT, Science, Technology & Society you will become knowledgeable about water quality and how water is cleaned. You will also become involved in promoting clean water habitats.

You will also be researching life in other countries to see how the quality (cleanliness) and availability of clean water affects children's lives. You will be looking at how water is used in celebrations around the world and will be acting out one of these celebrations.

Finally, you will be doing something active (like fund raising or picking up litter) that you have found about in the unit as a way to improve water quality and/or habitats locally.

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