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On a business trip to Transylvania, Jonathan Harker stays at an eerie castle owned by the mysterious Count Dracula. When strange things start to happen, Harker soon realizes that he isn't safe and, when the Count escapes to London, that his friends are in grave danger, too.

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By (author) Bram Stoker
Publication Date 02/07/2009
ISBN13 / Product Code 9781406213560
ISBN10 140621356X

Detailed Description

In the Graphic Revolve series, well-known villians and heroes take on new shape while staying true to their original authors. Bram Stoker's breathtaking gothic horror story is retold here in dynamic graphic novel format, making it easier to digest. With a lower reading level and vibrant, alluring artwork, this is ideal for anyone looking for the supernatural thrill of Bram Stoker's original - but in an easily accessible format.

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