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Literacy Box Set - All 3 plus Free Proof Reading and Editing series

Exclusive Special Offer Buy all three Literacy Boxes for £600 and receive a complete set of 'Proofreading and Editing' (RRP £71.80) FREE!

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ISBN13 / Product Code LiteracyBoxset
ISBN10 LiteracyBoxset

Detailed Description

The Literacy Box is a complete English programme that aims to consolidate pupils comprehension, grammar, writing and spelling skills. Ideal for guided reading and independent reading activities. 

Prepare and Practise for the NEW 2016 SATs with The Literacy Box.

The Literacy Box can help you in your classroom today, assisting you to:

  • teach twelve comprehension strategies including inference, finding information, fact and opinion through fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • teach the correct grammar terminology.
  • teach the meanings of prefixes and root words.
  • allow your pupils to practise with questions that are in the format of the new papers.

Progression Guides will indicate where to start your pupils in the box and pupil progress can be monitored using the assessments

Working through these cards will lead to increased confidence when sitting a test as pupils will have had consistent practice with the key terminology.

What's in the box?

  • 75 cards divided into 15 colour coded sections.
  • Each colour coded section has 5 cards.
  • Teachers Guide containing 200+ pages of supplementary material.
  • Progression Guide.
  • 75 answer cards.

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