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Plants & Flowers: IPC Early Years

This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the IPC. It has been specially written for young children who are in schools out of their home country and sets out clearly what children should learn in four groups or "strands".


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ISBN13 / Product Code MEYPLA

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Plants and Flowers

Strand One - Independence and Interdependence

The children will have the opportunity to play in the class flower shop. They will learn about simple responsibilities when they look after their own seeds and plants.

Strand Two - Communicating

We will share the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and learn about the practical use of language when we are acting as shopkeepers. We will learn about numbers when we count and order seeds and bulbs.

Strand Three - Exploring

A major focus of this theme is learning about the natural environment and the children will have the opportunity through practical experience to learn how to take care of it.

Strand Four - Healthy Living

During the course of this theme the children will be given the opportunity to make choices and to develop the skill of concentration.

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