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Whizzy Science: Things to Make and Do

Make balloon rockets, Coke geysers and exploding bags and find out all about science along the way! This engaging book uses fun and exciting experiments to convey key scientific principles.


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By (author) Anna Claybourne
Publication Date 28/05/2015
ISBN13 / Product Code 9780750292832
ISBN10 0750292830

Detailed Description

Send a rocket sky-high, create explosions and make a cup squawk like a parrot! Not only that, these fun craft experiments help you learn about science, too. This book will guide you in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions through over 70 great crafty experiments, as well as explaining the science of sound, forces, light, how things change and how they grow. Using readily available materials that you can find around your house or school, these experiments couldn't be simpler - or more fun! - includes beautiful step-by-step illustrations - all experiments can be carried out at home or in school - Ties into the science National Curriculum

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