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The Boy in the Painting

Within the splendour of the Time Shield, six hours is equivalent to a minute on earth; but beware, in the midst of its beauty hides a terrible spell-would you dare to enter? Inquisitive seventeen-year-old Sarah Brown had resigned herself to a quiet summer with her aunt in their town Cherryfield – then she meets Mark Louis. Mark Louis de la Mer is an eighteen-year-old fairy-human hybrid, who, in 1908, was hidden in a Time Shield by his supernatural mother following the murder of his father. Due to the unforeseen presence of a Holding Spell within the shield, Mark has since been trapped. He cannot directly access the spell which is hidden within a maze of terror, but Sarah can … that is, if she consents to.


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ISBN13 / Product Code 9781535236386
ISBN10 1535236388

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