1. Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II is expected to be celebrated in June 2022 and will be the first time a British Monarch has celebrated this momentous occasion. There will be four days of public celebration. 

  2. Shirley Hughes, Children's Author & Illustrator Dies Aged 94

    Winiford Shirley Hughes CBE, illustrator and author has died aged 94. She wrote over 50 fantastic books which sold around 11.5 million copies! In this post, we look back on her amazing life and career...

  3. Introducing ‘Lizzie and the Birds’ by Dawn and Mick Robertson

    Our first picture book has recently been published by Prim Ed and we are absolutely delighted to share it with everyone. It has taken a long time to reach the bookshelves, for a number of reasons...

  4. ‘We’re going on an EGG HUNT’ by Laura Hughes

    Around a book in EYFS by Maddy Barnes We’re going on an EGG HUNT We’re going on an egg hunt. We’re going to find them all. We’re really excited… Hooray for Easter Day! 

  5. Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

    Love Monster cannot believe it when he finds a box of chocolate . Should he keep them? Should he return them? What should he do? A hilarious tale where the motto is to follow your heart!

  6. Bee and Me

    By Book Centre - October 10 2019

    Why not create a BUZZ about reading this year on World Book Day and use ‘Bee-&-Me,’ by Alison Jay as a whole-school book? Everyone can dress as bees too!

  7. 12 days of Christmas (and more festive treats!)

    14 books worth £145.86  I  SPECIAL PRICE – £115  I  SAVE OVER 20% Our fantastic consultant Maddy Barnes has written teacher notes...

  8. Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

    By Book Centre - September 25 2019

    Writing Activities by Maddy Barnes Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory Mr Bunny owns a chocolate factory where chickens lay eggs...