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Our packs of banded books contain a selection of carefully chosen titles, approved by educational experts for specific Reception and KS1 reading levels. Our selections combine vibrant illustrations, captivating storylines and age-appropriate language, each one educationally relevant and engaging.

Shopping by band makes it easy to find a perfect selection of stories at the right reading level for your classroom. KS1 book bands scale from Lilac through to Lime, through 11 stages of reading ability. The earliest bands start with simple stories that are designed to teach phonetics and help young readers develop their decoding skills, and are perfect for Reception-aged children. Books in the later bands are perfect for children who are becoming fluent readers, with longer sentences and more complicated language that will challenge pupils as they progress into KS2.

Our book bands make it easy to find the best titles for your KS1 or Reception pupils. If you need multiple copies of a particular book for guided reading, get in touch and we will be happy to help. The wide range of high-quality levelled books on offer from Madeleine Lindley allows educators to track the development of children at any reading level as they advance through primary school. 

If you need more information about book bands for KS1, multiple copies of a particular book for guided reading, or advice from our experts on choosing the right book package for your classroom library, do not hesitate to contact us. Call our friendly team today on 0161 683 4400 or get in touch via our contact form.

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