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CPD Training Days at Madeleine Lindley Ltd

Looking for CPD training? Madeleine Lindley Ltd offers a wide variety of training days each term at our book centre.

Training Days with Dawn Robertson

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Bringing Literacy to Life in EYFS

Bringing Literacy to Life in EYFS

KS1: Really Raising Standards in Writing

KS1: Really Raising Standards in Writing

UKS2: Really Raising Standards in Writing

UKS2: Really Raising Standards in Writing

LKS2: Really Raising Standards in Writing

LKS2: Really Raising Standards in Writing


Hosted by experts who are successful in their independent fields, our training days provide a fantastic opportunity for teachers to continue their professional development, and ensure the strategies they are using in the classroom are based on the most recent research.

These training days also offer a great opportunity to explore the resources our Book Centre has to offer with the added expertise of consultants alongside our team, who are on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

Continuing professional development (CPD) training is key for teachers no matter what stage they have reached in their careers, as new approaches to education are constantly under development. Staying up-to-date on the latest approaches to teaching is the best way to give your children the tools they need for success. Our blog has notes for teachers and other resources that can further help you to advance in your skills and, potentially, your career.

Our courses are suitable for KS1 and KS2 teachers, covering a variety of topics related to children's literacy and beyond, so there are opportunities for everyone to learn. 

Click through to any of the courses listed above to learn more about what is on offer, or call us on 0161 683 4400 and we will endeavour to answer any questions you have.

The Conference Room

The Madeleine Lindley Training and Conference Centre is available to hire.

If you need to hire a conference and meeting room to host a professional development day for teachers, get in touch with Madeleine Lindley Ltd. Our conference room is the perfect venue for CPD training courses for teachers, and offers a range of benefits from free Wi-Fi access to onsite parking to make hosting a teacher training day as convenient as possible. Situated at the heart of our Book Centre, our conference room also provides teachers the opportunity to add to their classroom libraries and explore new resources for their children.

Our conference and meeting room has all the facilities you need. It is light and spacious, and equipped with the latest technology, including an 87" interactive whiteboard, projector and high-speed internet. We have designed it for comfort, to help guests stay engaged throughout a day of training. Our friendly and professional staff are on hand at each event to provide assistance and technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a range of catering options to choose from, you can also enjoy delicious food that will help participants stay focused and energised throughout the day.

Free onsite parking is available and with easy access to our Book Centre, where you can browse all of our stock (including the newest arrivals), the Madeleine Lindley Ltd conference room has every resource you need for a successful training day.

  • Competitive all inclusive day rates with no hidden extras.       
  • 87” interactive white board system and projector.     
  • Flip charts for presenting your ideas in visual form to your audience.
  • Free internet access for all guests attending the conference.
  • All day comfort chairs ensure your audience are relaxed and happy.
  • Excellent catering options to suit all.

Contact us by calling 0161 683 4400 or filling in our quick form to learn more about our training & conference rooms.

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Booking the perfect venue is vital when planning a CPD training day for teachers, but it is often overlooked. A comfortable conference centre with reliable technology and delicious food can make a huge difference in the attention span and engagement of participants. By picking the right meeting room, you can ensure that teachers absorb and retain as much of the knowledge you impart as possible, and help to retain more of the energy you need to carry out a full day of training.

With the effort that goes into organising a teacher training day, and the importance of CPD for primary school teachers, it is crucial to maximise your return. Choose Madeleine Lindley Ltd's conference room to give your CPD training day the highest chance of success and provide the right conditions for teachers to take the training on board.

The Book Centre

An additional resource, our Book Centre has new arrivals and old favourites that children will love. Stocking a classroom library with titles for children at all ability levels is one of the key responsibilities of a primary school teacher. We can support this and help you to nurture a love of reading in your children by highlighting some of the best and most popular books in the categories you are looking for - whether that means stories highlight diverse backgrounds and identities, works from a variety of emerging and established authors, or titles that are designed for specific reading levels. 

If you are actively seeking new titles for your library, or if you feel that an opportunity to explore children's literature could complement your CPD training day, our conference room is the ideal venue to add this into the curriculum. The Book Centre offers a wide selection of titles for children of all ages and is a perfect resource for teachers with a passion for children's literacy.

To book our conference room, use the form above or call our team today on 0161 683 4400. You can also get in touch if you are interested in visiting our Book Centre, or for tailored advice about choosing books for your classroom.

FAQs About Our Teacher Training Conference Room

Do I need to pay extra for add-ons when booking the conference centre?

There are no paid add-ons for our conference room hire package. We offer competitive day rates inclusive of all of the benefits listed above. We have worked hard to make sure that everything we offer is provided at the highest standard and perfectly suited to providing CPD training courses for teachers.


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