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Simplifying curriculum alignment with IPC book packs

Finding the right resources to fit the IPC can be challenging for teachers. Our curriculum booklist packs, carefully collated by experts, make selecting classroom and library resources straightforward and efficient. From EYFS to KS2, our non-fiction book bundles are invaluable resources for teaching national curriculum subjects.

Our hand-picked packs are filled with inspiring IPC books that provide teachers with numerous resources to base their lessons on. Whether it's primary school history books exploring the Shang Dynasty or science books to inspire future evolutionary biologists, our topic packs cover a wide range of subjects. Each IPC book price is competitive, offering value for educators and schools.

Madeleine Lindley’s team is always ready to assist in choosing the right IPC books for your classroom. Our selection ensures that you have the engaging and informative resources necessary to complement your teaching and fill any gaps in your classroom's book collection.

Contact us for customised IPC book packs

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can enhance reading and learning in your classroom with our IPC book packs. We are committed to providing high-quality, curriculum-aligned resources that enrich the educational experience for you and your pupils.

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