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At Madeleine Lindley, our experts sort the books we carry according to KS2 reading levels, which makes it easy for us to hand-pick a perfect collection for your classroom. Schools use many different reading schemes and it can be hard for teachers to find the right titles for their classrooms. Our packs of KS2 reading books make this much easier, as they are banded based on year group and ability, meaning that you can be sure to find perfect titles for your emerging, expected and exceeding readers.

Each pack is different and contains a selection of high-interest titles, chosen by our Book Centre experts with a combination of books from various reading schemes.

You will receive one copy of each book, which is perfect for whole-class reading or to add to a classroom library. If you need more than one copy of a book, speak to our team today. We can also help by customising our packages to meet your particular needs, or by creating bespoke packs of KS2 reading books to fit your requirements. To learn more, contact us today on 0161 683 4400, or use our contact form to send a message.

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