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The role of sensory stones in learning

Sensory stones are designed to stimulate children's tactile senses, enhancing their learning experiences. The sensory stone collection we offer provides a hands-on approach to education, as it allows children to explore textures, shapes, and weights. This tactile exploration is crucial in the early stages of development, particularly for children with diverse learning needs.

Play stones in nurseries and preschools

Our range of play stones is particularly beneficial for nurseries, foundation units, preschools, and playgroups. These sensory pebbles encourage children to manipulate and move objects and thereby improve their fine motor skills. In settings where hands-on learning is emphasised, play stones can become an invaluable resource for educators.

Supporting child-centred learning

The use of play stones aligns with child-centred learning strategies, such as the creation of EYFS floor books. Our resources, including Blank Big Books, can be used alongside sensory stones to encourage the most important areas of development. This approach ensures that children's voices are heard and their developmental needs are met.

Sensory stones and storytelling

Children's understanding of pictures precedes their ability to read words, making EYFS storybooks a vital educational tool. Sensory stones can be used to complement storybooks and provide a tangible element to the stories being read. This combination of sensory and visual learning aids can support the overall development of young learners.

Find more early years educational tools 

Our selection of play stones and sensory pebbles is curated to support the crucial initial period of learning in EYFS and KS1. We supply educators with high-quality resources that fulfil the developmental needs of children. Explore our range of play stones and discover how they can enhance the learning experiences in your educational setting. Contact us to learn more about integrating sensory stones into your teaching strategies. Call 0161 683 4400 to find out more or fill out our contact form

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