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School Library Supply

Enriching your library to inspire a love of reading in your school

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Refresh Your School Library With Help From The Madeleine Lindley Team

Refresh your collection of primary school library books with the renowned educational book supplier from Madeleine Lindley Ltd. From classic tales to brand-new, modern stories, our educational book supplier service guarantees a fantastic selection of books to spark a love of reading in your school.

Over time, nearly all classrooms and libraries will end up with a collection of outdated and unsuitable books that fail to engage pupils and meet their literacy needs. Though it can seem daunting or challenging to tackle this problem, it doesn’t have to be. The knowledgeable team at Madeleine Lindley Ltd will help you build a modern, engaging, and enriching library without stress. 

As one of the leading educational book suppliers in the UK, Madeleine Lindley Ltd takes the strain out of book buying by selecting award-winning, exciting titles to engage pupils’ interests. Our collective knowledge as educational book suppliers over the past 30 years means we know how to make a school library shine - no matter what your budget or requirements.

Helping You Choose the Best Primary School Library Books

Here at Madeleine Lindley, our extensive knowledge of children’s literature is built on 30 years of experience, working with well-known authors, illustrators, publishers, and of course, teachers and students.

Based on your unique needs, goals, and budgetary requirements, we can curate primary school booklists that incorporate a variety of genres and literary themes, all the while adhering to curriculum guidelines.

Whether you need to fill some gaps in your book collection or are looking to completely revamp your library or reading corner from scratch, we can help. We understand that not one size fits all and that each individual school will need something a little different, so you can count on us to deliver a school library support service that ticks all the boxes.

Helping to Ignite a Passion For Reading in Your School

Our ultimate goal is to ignite a real passion for reading and literacy in children all over the world. Our book selections include a variety of books to cater to a wide range of interests and reading styles in order to engage children at all reading levels.

If you’re unsure about what kind of books your school is missing or how to best spark your pupils’ interest in reading, our literacy experts are here to help. Contact us using the information below to start your journey towards a more gripping, diverse and inspiring literary future for your children. 

We know that children who read for pleasure enjoy better opportunities throughout life because they have gained a richer vocabulary, more knowledge, critical thinking skills and a self-directed learning framework. As trusted educational book suppliers nationwide and beyond, we will help you create a positive reading environment in your school and classroom by creating libraries that encourage pupils to find joy in reading.

How our School Library Supply Works

Meet with the Madeleine Lindley team to define your dream primary school library

Our experts will curate an exciting and engaging book selection to match your budget and wishes

Receive the very best service with excellent value for money at every step of the way

Fill your reading area with a selection of brand new books and watch a passion for reading ignite in your school

As one of the leading school library book suppliers, you can expect a fully tailored service that meets (and even exceeds) your expectations. We will work with you to fully understand your unique needs, goals, and budget before curating a fantastic batch of books for your primary school library or book corner.

You may wish for the Madeleine Lindley team to come in and show you how to arrange books in a school library, or you can handle the extra fun parts yourself. No matter what you’d like from us, we are completely flexible (and are here to help!)

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Do I Really Need New School Library Books?

If your school library is full of dated books that are not engaging your pupils, your school will most certainly benefit from a selection of fresh school library books.

A school library plays a critical role in learning, providing a repository of knowledge and wisdom. Ensuring its ongoing effectiveness requires the consistent introduction of new, relevant literature.

The task of updating a book collection to find the best books for your school library can seem overwhelming, and the challenge extends beyond simply adding new books; it requires an understanding of the current literary field and the specific needs of your children.

Our team at Madeleine Lindley Ltd offers a comprehensive, customised service to refresh your classroom and school libraries. Our experienced staff members have a deep understanding of primary school literature and are adept at navigating new and timeless primary school library books that will inspire a lifelong passion for reading in your children.

The Value of a Diverse Collection

Representation in literature is critical. We supply books from authors around the globe, providing diverse narratives, characters, and themes. We focus on sourcing school library books that include a wide range of text types:

  • Interactive non-fiction: Provides an active learning experience.
  • Choose-your-own story books: Allows children to engage in interactive storytelling.
  • Inclusive books: Presents diverse perspectives while promoting understanding and empathy
  • Graphic novels: Appeals to children with a preference for visual learning.
  • Dyslexia-friendly books: Makes popular stories accessible to all children.
  • Song and noisy books: Integrates auditory elements into the reading experience.

Unlike other educational book suppliers, we ensure that your children’s exact needs are met - no two children are the same, but all can be inspired to read and lose themselves in a book. Once your primary school library books have been selected, we can help explain how to catalogue books in a school library to ensure that your new books are stored in the most helpful way possible. 

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