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EYFS Story and Picture Books

Our EYFS picture books and story books are designed to captivate the imagination of young learners. These books, rich in visuals and narratives, are perfect for introducing children to the joy of reading. The range includes traditional tales, modern stories, and culturally diverse narratives, ensuring that every child finds something relatable and engaging.

Books for EYFS Learning and Development

The early years learning framework book selection we offer supports the holistic development of children in EYFS. This includes EYFS reading books that are tailored to develop early literacy skills, as well as EYFS non-fiction books that introduce young learners to the world around them. Our books for EYFS cover a wide array of topics, aiding in the delivery of a well-rounded education.

Wordless Books and Floor Books in EYFS

Wordless books EYFS are an innovative way to encourage imagination and storytelling skills in young children. These books allow children to interpret stories through pictures, fostering creativity and narrative skills. Additionally, EYFS floor books are a fantastic resource for group activities, encouraging collaboration and shared learning experiences among children.

Best Books for EYFS Teachers

For educators, selecting the best books for EYFS teachers is vital. Our collection includes titles that not only appeal to children but also provide teachers with valuable resources for delivering engaging and educational lessons. These books are an essential tool in implementing the early years learning framework effectively.

Non-Fiction Books for EYFS

Our range of EYFS non-fiction books introduces young learners to factual content in an accessible and enjoyable manner. These books cover various subjects, from nature and science to people and places, providing a foundation for knowledge and understanding of the world.

Find the Perfect EYFS Books for Your Needs

Our comprehensive selection of EYFS books, including story books, picture books, reading books, and non-fiction titles, is designed to support the objectives of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

We invite educators, parents, and schools to explore our range of EYFS books for topics, learning, and development. Contact us to discover how our EYFS books can enrich your early years teaching and learning experiences - call us on 0161 683 4400 to find out more or fill out our contact form.

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