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We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Czech-English)

  • ISBN13: 978-1852697105
  • Author: Michael Rosen
  • Format: Paperback / softback
We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared. In terms of the curriculum (for England), woven in are awesome adjectives as part of expanded noun phrases (Year 2 writing), powerful preposition phrases (Year 3 writing), peerless onomatopoeia and much more! Michael Rosen's reworking of this traditional camp song is a triumph. A rambunctious romp that begs to be chanted aloud and acted out, this modern classic will soon have children plodding through snowstorms and traipsing through forests. Rosen's narrative is just delightfully scary enough for young reader and will have little ones gripped from start to finish. Full of rhyming and repetition, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' is perfect circle time fare. With text in dual language new arrivals can enjoy the story as much as the rest ofthe class.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Czech-English)


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Dual language children’s books are written in two languages throughout, with a close translation of the entire story. These provide young learners with English as an additional language (EAL) the opportunity to read in their stronger language, while learning vocabulary and sentence structure in a second. According to research, maintaining at least 2 languages is an advantage for later academic achievement. For this reason, it’s in bilingual and multilingual children’s best interest to be supported in all the languages available to them. However, many young children with EAL experience anxiety about communicating in English at school. Dual language story books can help in bridging this gap, encouraging language development and communication whilst still creating a sense of comfortability. Our dual language collection includes a range of popular fiction picture books, non-fiction information books and tales from around the world. Dual language books for early years and primary schools can be used in both the classroom and home. These educational tools have a wide range of applications, including aiding in the learning of both native and target languages, assisting individuals in adjusting to new environments, improving literacy skills in children and promoting appreciation for language.

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