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Training Days

Madeleine Lindley Ltd offers a wide variety of training days each term at our book centre.

Hosted by experts, who are successful in their independent fields, our training days provide a fantastic opportunity for teachers to continue their professional development, and ensure the strategies they are using in the classroom are based on the most recent research. 

These training days also offer a great opportunity to explore the resources the Book Centre has to offer with the added expertise of consultants alongside our team, who are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.




Summer 2024 Training Days 

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Implications For Teaching!

Implications For Teaching!


Do you need inspiration for your next whole school training day?

Madeleine Lindley Ltd offers training days tailored to suit your schools requirements. With our superb training facilities and our team of knowledgeable consultants, we can help plan a day to remember. Get the most out of your training days. 

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