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Where Are You Really From?: Our amazing evolution, what race really is and what makes us human

  • ISBN10: 1526364247
  • ISBN13: 9781526364241
  • Author: Adam Rutherford
  • Illustrator: Adam Ming
  • Format: Paperback / softback
  • Published: 28/09/2023
Inspired by the bestselling A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived and the Sunday Times bestseller How to Argue with a Racist, award-winning geneticist, writer and broadcaster, Adam Rutherford takes children on an amazing adventure through million years of human history, teaching them all about evolution, race and the real human story.

Where Are You Really From?: Our amazing evolution, what race really is and what makes us human


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'Laugh out loud funny - and you'll learn lots too!' - Adam Kay, author of Kay's Anatomy and Kay's Incredible Inventions.

'If I had had such a book when I was 10 or 11, I might well have set my sights on becoming a geneticist or some kind of biologist...'
- Stephen Fry

Go on an extraordinary adventure through millions of years of human history and learn the story of our species from evolution to dinosaurs to YOU!

Along the way, you will meet kings and queens, Pharaohs and Vikings, and see just how far and wide humans have migrated around the world. You'll discover why we're related to a super cheesy man and that no matter what skin colour you have, language you speak or place you are from - we all share the same small pool of ancestors.

Mind-boggling, entertaining and illuminating, this is the epic story of you and everyone who has ever lived!

'A BRILLIANT book about biology and belonging. Packed to its covers with fascinating facts, science and joy; I have a ten year old son who will LOVE this book.' - Dr Alice Roberts, author of Wolf Road and The Incredible Human Journey

'Funny, silly and utterly rigorous - a book that will inspire awe and wonder in all that read it. It stands a better chance of making the world a better place than any book I've read recently.' - Dr Chris van Tulleken, author of Ultra Processed People

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