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Over 30 years ago, Madeleine Lindley, our founder, noticed something about the books that she was using to teach children with - nearly all of the characters were white and able-bodied! Understanding the importance of representation in the stories that young minds were internalising, she made it her mission to create easier access for schools to stock their shelves with equality and diversity books. After all, the magical experience of seeing yourself on the page of a book is like no other, and allowing children to see a strong protagonist similar to themselves shows them they are valued. This provides an opportunity for children to become more compassionate and caring individuals.

Over these past few decades, a wonderful array of diverse, multicultural books for early years and primary schools has been published, making these kinds of vital titles more accessible. However, actively seeking out these wonderful equality and diversity books is still necessary for the realities of the classroom to reflect the pages of the books in it. Research has found that 34% of primary school pupils in the UK are from a Black or ethnic minority background, however, only 10% of children’s books feature non-white characters.

Receive curated diversity books picked for you

The brilliant equality and diversity books you can find here are expertly picked by the team at Madeleine Lindley to challenge preconceptions about marginalised groups and explore problems that they often face. The titles included are sensitively chosen to educate through stories and open up a wider conversation about these difficult topics. These high-quality diversity books for primary schools are perfect as a tool for both English and PSHE lessons as a way for children to examine emotional literacy issues through stories.

To find out more about our wide range of equality and diversity books for primary schools and how we can help you select the best diverse books for your school, contact our knowledgeable staff today by filling out our contact form or calling us directly on 0161 683 4400.

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