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Design & Technology: KS1 Topic Pack

  • ISBN13: CP95
£50.00 £42.50

These hand-picked packs full of curriculum books provide teachers with numerous inspiring resources around which to base lessons.

This selection of practical non-fiction books can be used to teach KS1 pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making in a range of relevant contexts - for example, the home, schools, gardens, playgrounds, the local community, industry and the wider environment.

Design & Technology: KS1 Topic Pack

£50.00 £42.50

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We know it can be a challenge for teachers to find the engaging books they need to fit the curriculum. Carefully collated by our experts, these handy curriculum book packs make selecting classroom and library resources simple. Our non-fiction book bundles provide teachers with the wonderful resources they need to teach the national curriculum subjects from EYFS to KS2. Madeleine Lindley’s helpful team are happy to advise you when choosing what books for topics your classroom may be missing.

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