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Jez Alborough Book Pack

  • ISBN13: BK203

Jez Alborough has written and illustrated over 30 picture books, including the wildly popular Eddy and the Bear stories, which were adapted into a BAFTA-winning animated TV series. London-born Alborough has always enjoyed drawing and painting, starting at an early age. “I used to love the exercise books that had one blank page opposite one lined page,” he says. “It was like an invitation for me to write a story and draw the illustrations.”

Jez says that the question he is most frequently asked ("Where do you get your ideas from?") is the hardest one to answer. "I don’t really know where they come from," he says, "I’m just glad that they do come, and as long as that keeps happening, I will continue having a great time playing with them and making them into picture books."

Other hugely popular books he has created include the Bobo series such as 'Hug!', the Duck in the Truck series, and 'Cuddly Dudley.'

Jez Alborough Book Pack


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