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Room on the Broom: 4 in a Box Puzzle

  • ISBN13: 4005556031313

These bright and colourful jigsaws depict scenes from the famous Julia Donaldson story. Puzzles are perfect for mindful moments, helping develop concentration and creativity.

Room on the Broom: 4 in a Box Puzzle


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Puzzle measures approximatley 19 x 14cm when completed.

This set of puzzles feature the Witch, the cat, the dog, the bird and the dragon. Join in the story with these four high-quality cardboard jigsaw puzzles in 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces.

Incorporating our fantastic range of games and puzzles into the curriculum can help to develop children's concentration, language, maths and problem solving skills. Plus, they make learning even more fun! Madeleine Lindley's wonderful educational puppets and toys is great for enhancing both storytelling sessions in the classroom and at home with parents. Incorporating these resources into learning and play helps to promote language, listening, talking and attention skills in the early years.

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