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The Gruffalo & Other Stories: Chunky Puzzles

  • ISBN13: 4005556051106

What fits together? Which two parts make up a picture?
With these first puzzles with two parts, even toddlers from the age of 2 learn to recognize parts that belong together and to put them together to form motifs.

Nine lovingly drawn illustrations in the style of cardboard picture books provide varied puzzle fun for the little ones and playfully train eye-hand coordination. The large, kink-resistant parts are perfect for small children's hands.

The Gruffalo & Other Stories: Chunky Puzzles


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The difficulty of the puzzle can be adjusted according to the ability of the little puzzle beginner by giving them only a few or many pieces at a time. The little ones proudly discover how one thing fits into the other. With the right puzzle for the individual stage of development, small children understand their environment playfully and with joy and grow with the challenges.

First jigsaw puzzles for toddlers from 2 years. The extra large and thick pieces made of cardboard guarantee the longevity of the toy.

Incorporating our fantastic range of games and puzzles into the curriculum can help to develop children's concentration, language, maths and problem solving skills. Plus, they make learning even more fun! Madeleine Lindley's wonderful educational puppets and toys is great for enhancing both storytelling sessions in the classroom and at home with parents. Incorporating these resources into learning and play helps to promote language, listening, talking and attention skills in the early years.

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